Self-Locking Technology

TSLG Self-Locking Technology

When external and internal threaded parts (i.e. bolts and nuts) are joined together at their tightened position, a clamping force will be created  to hold them together. But this clamping force will be worn off by factors such as motion, vibration, shock, and temperature...etc. When the clamping force  decreases to 0,  the fasteners will loose and fall apart. TSLG’s NYLOK Blue Patch is the pre-applied self-locking solution that can enhance the locking ability of fasteners and reduce the occurrence of loosen and falling fasteners. NYLOK Blue Patch has been widely used and recognized worldwide.

TSLG also provide chemical adhesive self-locking solutions from Precote, 3M, and Loctite, including microencapsulated adhesive  and non-reactive chemical adhesive. When the external and internal threaded fasteners are locked together, the microcapsules will be squeezed and ruptured , and the mixture of the chemicals will generate strong adhesion  effect. Our processing technology has been honored by several kinds of patents. Fasteners with TSLG products not only can meet the international specifications such as IFI and DIN but also comply with major environmental regulations.

TSLG is the expert for self-locking technology and a trustworthy partner for self-locking solutions. We look forward to providing our expertise and service for any self-locking technology inquiries.