Laboratory Equipment

To ensure the qualtiy of our products and to provide quality inspection service to customers, TSLG established professional quality assurance center with various advanced and precision inspection equipments in each plant. Our inspection equipment includes:

Computerize Thermal Shock Equipment NAS Vibration Tester
冷热冲击试验机 NAS振动测试机
Spectrum Analyzer Computer-aided Torque Testing Equipment
光谱分析仪 电脑辅助扭力测试机
Schatz Tester of Torque/Axial Force/Coefficient of Friction 2.5D Optical Projector
Schatz扭力/轴力/摩擦系数测试机 2.5D光学投影机
Electro-deposition Coating Machine Sealing Testing Equipment
电着涂装性能检试设备 高压测漏设备
Environmental Test Equipment Salt Spray Tester
恆温恆湿箱 盐水喷雾试验机
Computer-aided Micro-photographic instrument