Environmental Protection Policy

Maintaining the health of Earth, Fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility.

TSLG Environmental Management System

To prevent pollution and to make sure our products meet the required quality and performance, TSLG evaluates the environmental impact of our material selections as well as our research & development, manufacturing, and packing processes, and then standardizes the usage of the green product and green processing to protect Mother Earth. Meanwhile, we plan and increase the efficiency of energy usage, reduce energy pollution, and produce the best products with less energy consumption. In addition, we emphasize on the practice of reduction, recycle, and reuse by implementing waste reduction, categorization, and recycling. We aim to become a contributing member in protecting our environment.

Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

Build up the environmental management system based on the practice of "Plan, Do, Check, Action" cycle, which includes organizational structure, operation planning, responsibility, practice, process, and resource. With this system, we seek continuous improvement by implementing related law/regulations. By doing so, we make sure to meet all the requirement of environmental law and regulations and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.