Q1:Is TSLG a fastener manufacturer? Or does TSLG sell any fasteners?
A:TSLG is a professional adhesive pre-applied processing group for fasteners. Our service can provide fasteners self-locking, sealing, adjustment, thread protection / masking, anti-seize, lubrication, or assembly retention functions. TSLG does not manufacture or sell any fasteners.
Q2:Why screws or nuts need adhesive process?
A : Most of the industrial screw/ nut diameters comply to JIS standards second class specifications. In the specifications, the tolerance between screw diameters (2A) and nut diameters (2B) are more than 0.20 mm. The tolerance of the parts will result in gaps in between screws and nuts when the two parts mate. With the gaps, when the products are in operation or encounter vibration and shocks, the clamping force of the screws will be decreased easily and increase the possibility of bolt loosening.
Q3:How does the anti-loose function of Nylok Blue Patch work?  
A:The Nylok Blue Patch self-locking element is spray-bonded onto the threads of a fastener. When mating threads are engaged, the tough, resilient blue nylon patch element is compressed and a counterforce is created to establish a much stronger metal-to-metal contact and positive resistance to vibration and loosening.
Q4:Does Nylok Blue Patch meet RoHS and other major environmental specifications?
A:The material of Nylok Blue Patch has passed SGS inspections. It does not contain any reportable materials prohibited in the RoHS, WEEE, or Halogen Free requirements.
Q5:Does Nylok Blue Patch processing increase a lot of cost?
A:Nylok Blue Patch is pre-applied to the fasteners. It is ready for assembly and convenient for automatic mass assembly process. Time-consuming washer fixing, manual adhesive applying and nut sorting process can be eliminated from the assembly process. With these characteristics, Nylok Blue Patch could save assembly cost for our customers.
Q6:Can the Nylok Blue Patch processing be customized for my fasteners?
A:Nylok Blue Patch can be applied on threads of various configurations. Locations, coverage, and the torque level of the patch are available for customization. Please feel free to contact us and our engineer will provide customized solutions for your needs.
Q7:Is there any other products available other than Nylok Blue Patch?
A:TSLG provides total solution and one-stop service for your pre-applied adhesive needs. TSLG has the support, authorization, and coating licensing from world renowned coating technology manufacturers such as NYLOK, omniTECHNIK, 3M and HENKEL-Loctite. Meanwhile, we continuously seek innovation of products and pre-applied processing to provide better solutions for our customers. (Please see TSLG Products for the collections of our products)
Q8:Do you provide fastener self-locking processing technology seminars for further learning of this field?
TSLG held more than 300 self-locking fastener seminars for our clients every year. The fastener seminar covers analysis on fastener clamping and loosening as well as an overview of self-locking technologies. The seminars were well received by customers, and some companies even make this seminar as a compulsory training subject. So if you would like to attend a seminar and learn more, please feel free to contact us for arrangement.