Total Solution and Technical Advantages

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Sales Engineering

  • Professional consultation on pre-applied coating solutions
  • Seminars and workshops on pre-applied coating technology for fasteners
  • Fully supporting customer from requirement analysis to application validation
  • Service integration with fastener supply chain
  • Customization and special request analysis
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Technical Capabilities

  • Precise pre-coating technology for micro fasteners
  • Pre-coating technology with multiple functions
  • Pre-coating technology and verification for special fasteners
  • Automatic inspection instruments and technologies
  • Precise process parameter monitoring technology
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  • Pre-scheduled and urgent order productions
  • Functionality verification on incoming fasteners
  • Standardization and customized production
  • Real time automated production tracking and control
  • Production process quality monitoring and management in ppm level
  • Pre-, in-, and post-production screening service for minor defects
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Quality Assurance

  • Analysis and verification of fastener self-locking mechanics and sealing capability
  • Environmental simulation testing and reliability verification for fasteners
  • Prospective application technology support and compatibility verification for fastener surface finishing and pre-applied coating
  • IATF-16949 certified plants in Kaohsiung and Kunshan
  • General Motors GP-10 Certified Lab in Kunshan Plant
  • Precote Asia Technology Center in Kunshan Plant
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Torque Standards by TSLG Lab

  • TSLG-EP001.V2 Torque Spec for Small Screws
  • TSLG-EP002.V1 Torque Spec for Screws used in Vehicle-mounted Electronic Devices
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China National Standards – TSLG as Developing and Editorial Board Member

  • QC/T597.1
  • QC/T597.2
  • QC/T597.3
  • GB/T35478
  • GB/T35480