P709®, introducing by TSLG from Nylok USA, is an anti-seize, non-reactive, film-forming dispersion for coating threaded parts. It is designed to prevent galling and cold welding during assembly, reduce torque scatter and for easy and non-destructive disassembly even after heat exposure up to 1560℉ (850℃).


Product Advantages

  • Ideal for stainless steel fasteners
  • Eliminates galling and cold welding
  • Forms a dry and tack-free film lubricant with sealing properties
  • Constant low friction value: 0.09 to 0.13
  • Can be applied over Nylok® Blue® Patch and Nytemp®
  • Provides anti-seize performance up to 1560°F (850°C)
  • Can be pre-applied to both threaded and non-threaded parts
  • Seals immediately after assembly
  • Avoids corrosion in the threaded connection
  • Has good chemical resistance (after assembly)
  • Can be applied on threads only or on the entire part
  • Permits easy, non-destructive disassembly
  • Non-toxic and safe

Technical Data

Property Description Property Description
Color Dark gray Coating range 360
Thread friction value 0.1 ~ 0.15 Initial installation torque (kgf-cm) 10 ~ 20
Break away torque at RT after storage
at +400°C(+750°F) for 100h
< 2xMa    
Max. Operation temperature 850°C Shelf life 4 year at max. 30℃ and max.65%RH.


P709® is a registered trademark of Nylok USA.
耐落® is a registered trademark of Taiwan Self Locking Group, TSLG.