NYTORQ® processing is a special technique applying the opaque color liquid (synthetic wax) on the front end threads. NYTORQ® is a dry-to-touch lubricant which is non-toxic; used for reducing friction and preventing cold welding. It can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, especially on self-tapping and trilobular screws. NYTORQ® will also eliminate chattering of the fastener on installation and reduce installation torque to decrease noise levels and prevent galling during assembly.

Product Advantages

  • Available in a wide range of applications with self-locking fasteners
  • Ideal for reducing the installation torque on trilobular and self-tapping screws
  • Reduces assembling fatigue
  • Low coefficient of friction, increasing assembly productivity
  • Saves time, reduces total installation cost
  • Applicable to any fasteners for which controlled or reduced torque during installation is needed

Technical Data

Property Description Property Description
Color Transparent Coating 360°
Shelf life 4 years at max 30°C and max 65%RH Coefficient of friction 0.09~0.15

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification
General Motors 99861667 Ford Motor WSS-M21P27-A4
Chrysler MS-9775    


NYTORQ® is a registered trademark of Nylok USA.
耐落® is a registered trademark of Taiwan Self Locking Group, TSLG.