The NYCOTE® material, introduced by TSLG from Nylok USA, is a non-conductive WHITE® TEFLON® PFA powder. The patented process provides protective coating against the adhesion of electrodeposited paints, primers, coatings, and weld spatter. The NYCOTE® coating also adds lubricity to fasteners during assembly. NYCOTE® is approved by automotive manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and Benz.

Product Advantages

  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter
  • Prevents the adhesion of electrodeposited primers and coatings
  • Improves lubricity and reduces installation drive friction and noise
  • Can be applied on weld stud, external and internal threaded fasteners
  • Coats on the threads only, doesn’t impact conductivity after welding
  • Reduces manufacturing cost by increasing productivity
  • Eliminates expensive masking, plugging, capping of threads
  • Environment-friendly, less reactive to chemicals and not contaminating to the environment

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification
General Motors GM6076M
BMW DIN 15D8992
Chrysler PS-8542 Ford WSS-M21P27-A3
Mercedes-Benz 58704 58913A606 Navistar TMS 4524
Fiat Auto 9.56455 Nissan TO-925
Jaguar JFS:02.01.13 IBC 91108833
Opel ON 2018 Land Rover RES.22.FP.04
Rolls Royce TL188 Renault 91108833
VW-Audi TL188 Land Rover RES.22.FP.04


NYCOTE® is a registered trademark of Nylok USA.
耐落® is a registered trademark of Taiwan Self Locking Group, TSLG.