3M™ 2510/2510N

3M™ Fastener Adhesives are micro-encapsulated curing adhesives that enhance the anchorage of threaded fasteners. The pre-applied adhesives remain dormant until the shearing action of engaging the fastener into a nut or threaded cavity breaks the capsules and allows the adhesive to cure. It is designed for applications where the service temperature will not exceed 116°C (240°F) and has been widely used in automotive, machinery, hardware, and electronics industry.

Product Advantages

  • Capsulated self-locking and sealing product
  • Microcapsules that is ideal for smaller fasteners
  • Coating range can be adjusted to meet specific applications
  • Complies with or exceeds DIN-267 PART 27, IFI-125, and IFI-525
  • Increases productivity at the assembly line
  • Ready for assembly
  • Dry-to-the-touch, tack free finish
  • Non-toxic, assembler friendly
  • With good and stable chemical resistance

Technical Data

Property Description
Color Orange/Neutral
Application Thread locking
Breakaway Torque * (kgf-cm) >112.2
Prevailing-off Torque* (kgf-cm) >40.8
Operation Temperature -30℃ ~ +149℃
Curing Time Start Hardening 10 min.
Fully Cured 72 hrs
Shelf Life 1 year at 4-38°C and max. 65%RH. Must check performance every time before use
Remark Do not touch any oil during the product assembly process
Remark: *on 3/8”(M10) phosphate based bolt

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company and Institution Specification Company and Institution Specification
Industrial Fasteners Institute(IFI) IFI-125
Ford Motor ESA-M2G200-A
Chrysler PF-6616
3M™ is the registered trademark of 3M Company