Courage to innovate, sustainable development, wonderful career in resistance to fall!

TSLG nurtures each and every one of our colleagues as a "value solution provider" (Value Solution Provider), not only has the expertise, problem solving, creative thinking and a high degree of enthusiasm for services, insight into customer needs through technology, The constant pursuit of excellence in quality and customer together to create value.

TSLG has a global leading team and technology; here you will have the opportunity to grow with the latest technology in the world, the global layout, to provide you with opportunities for overseas development, a variety of development plans, to broaden the talent stage.

A complete system of personnel training, the achievement of your unique core values and competitiveness.

A total of common prosperity of corporate culture, so colleagues have a centripetal force, identity and sense of mission.

Join the resistance fall, let us work with you to create a better future!

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