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TSLG Culture at a glance

TSLG believes “focusing on the smallest details is the cornerstone to achieve the big dream.” TSLG has set "integrity, safety, harmony, diligence, efficiency, breakthrough, and sharing" as the principle of practice to meet the challenges of the ever changing environment.

We Value Our Employees

In TSLG, everyone has a unique individual development plan for self-development and professional skill improvement. We offer various learning and training programs for all TSLGers to pursue excellence. 
Study Group Implement study groups from time to time to encourage and lead all members to read, think, and share. Through presentations and discussions, study group aims to expand individual knowledge and skills as well as to enhance organizational strength.
On-the-job Training With direct support of senior staff, we ensure junior TSLGers can gain skills, professional knowledge, and experiences through hands-on training.
Dale Carnegie Training Every year we send outstanding TSLGers to Dale Carnegie Training courses for further sharpening of their skills in communications and leadership, which in return brings confidence, inspiration, and energy back to TSLG team.
Overseas Business Visits Choosing excellent TSLGers to visit top-ranked companies worldwide to gain professional experience and learn about cutting-edge technology.
Management Trainee Program Trainees can learn a variety of skills by cross-training and working with higher management.
Job Rotation We encourage fellow TSLGers to learn various skillset and be ready for all kinds of tasks. Through job rotation, TSLGers can gain knowledge of corporate structures and department functions from all perspectives.
Working Overseas Working in a foreign country offers TSLGers an opportunity to work alongside local people and learn about various cultures.
Monthly Management Meeting We share updates on overall business performance and future trends in monthly management meeting. We also held monthly speeches to enhance fellow TSLGers’ communication, logical-thinking and integration abilities. 

Life at TSLG

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Excellent Working Environment Green and Pleasant Plant Surroundings
Office Building
Parking Lots
Recreation and Wellness Facility Auditorium
Fitness Center
Aerobics Classroom
Club Activities Aerobics Club
Tai Chi Dao Yin Club
Company Outings and Events

Family Day
Holding a family day every year to create memories and enhance employees and families relationships through fun activities
Annual Staff Trip

Compensation & Benefits

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Fixed Pay

1. Annual package including 12-month base salary
2. Fixed 3 months year-end bonus(Taiwan only)
3. Average annual salary rank on top in Taoyuan area

Bonus Program / Profit Sharing Bonus

1. First half year bonus
2. Mid-year/Year-end bonus
3. Bonus in return for non-compete clause agreement
4. Stock-based compensation
Employee Benefits 1. Gifts/Cash bonus for three main festivals
2. Gifts/Cash bonus for birthday
3. Contribution award
4. Senior staff award
5. Department dinner/birthday party
6. Magazine subscription subsidy
Insurance 1. Labor insurance
2. National health insurance
3. Group insurance
4. Monthly pension contribution
5. Insurance for Business Travel
Employee Support We offer a full range of assistance to provide our employees timely support when needed.
Physical Examination We care about our employees’ healthy as we believe healthy employees are the foundation of a prosperous corporate. Therefore, an annual health checkup is free for all TSLGers.
Free dormitory We offer free dormitory for employees who need to avoid long distance daily travel to work.


Courage to innovate, sustainable development, wonderful career in resistance to fall!

TSLG nurtures each and every one of our colleagues as a "value solution provider" (Value Solution Provider), not only has the expertise, problem solving, creative thinking and a high degree of enthusiasm for services, insight into customer needs through technology, The constant pursuit of excellence in quality and customer together to create value.

TSLG has a global leading team and technology; here you will have the opportunity to grow with the latest technology in the world, the global layout, to provide you with opportunities for overseas development, a variety of development plans, to broaden the talent stage.

A complete system of personnel training, the achievement of your unique core values and competitiveness.

A total of common prosperity of corporate culture, so colleagues have a centripetal force, identity and sense of mission.

Join the resistance fall, let us work with you to create a better future!
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