About TSLG

About Tslg

TSLG (Taiwan Self-Locking Group)

TSLG (Taiwan Self-Locking Group) is the leading company in the field of functional pre-coating on fastener in the world. Our mission is “to devote to innovation and application of fastener pre-coating  for safer products and better life.” With  attentive and diligent spirit, our aim is to become the Value Solution Provider (VSP) that offers efficient pre-coating services for thread locking, sealing, thread protection/masking, anti-seize, electrical insulation, and more.

Since 1984, TSLG has established 8 service centers, including 5 manufacturing plants with fully equipped laboratories and R&D staff. TSLG cooperates with the world-leading adhesive brands, NYLOK, precote, 3M, and Loctite, to develop the most advanced pre-coating application technology and support our customers from initial product development stage, testing stage, application implementation, and standard establishing. TSLG has become the designated business partner of several leading companies worldwide.

To keep up with the trend and the needs of fasteners applications on electronic products, TSLG continue to develop and innovate coating technology for ultra micro screws, and implement production line management system and automatic monitoring system for quality control. With these resources, TSLG not only fulfills customers’ needs for product quality and delivery, but also offers technical support during product development to provide better values to our customers’ products.

Corporate Culture

TSLG’s Mission: To devote to innovation and application of fastener pre-coating for safer products and better life.

With our core values "integrity, diligence, teamwork, and sharing," TSLG seeks to become the value solution provider for clients with our quality product, technique, and services.


For TSLG, our Corporate Social Responsibility means commitment and care for the society. Believing that our achievements are built with the support of our society, TSLG has always been actively giving back and contributing to the society. TSLG established the“Mind Building Training Foundation”(MBT) to promote holistic education. In the past 10 years, MBT has contributed massive time and the resources on emotional management, creativity, communications and leadership training. The foundation was the largest institution for personality training education in Taiwan and was awarded “The Superior Group of Youth Volunteer Services”by National Youth Commission.

MBT is currently taking part in the following social services: 
1. Adopts 40 children from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families 
2. Monthly donation to following 6 foundations:
  • Childhood Burn Foundation of The Republic of China
  • Mennonite Christian Hospital
  • Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation
  • Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation
  • Genesis Social Welfare Foundation